What is CSL in auto insurance?

What is CSL in auto insurance ? Combined single limit or CSL is a number that gives you a predetermined combined amount limit of Bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage for each incident.

As the name suggests, CSL auto insurance is basically for the time when at your own fault a third party has met with an accident. The third party may be physically injured or their vehicle may have been damaged after this. CSL covers all these damages.

CSL in auto insurance

Advantages of CSL in auto insurance

In CSL or single limit liabilities, a single rupee or dollar can be applied to any combination of damage coverage. This single rupee or dollar get divided and distributed according to incident or accident, property or vehicles damaged and number of persons physically affected if any.

To understand it better, it is an insurance policy that covers all the elements uber one policy and terms as one for multiple conditions. Due to this, it is termed as combined single limit. For example, if insurance company says that it would cover a particular amount for your first claim, then be it third party vehicle or bodily damage all claims are combined in that amount. That will be the maximum claim received by the insure.

It also depends on number of such incidents or accidents a person has experienced in the past. The amount that you receive in your second claim can differ from the first.

In other terms all kind of damages will be covered. Moreover, if more than one vehicle is damaged and more than one person is injured, the claim amount will be spilt accordingly and given to them. For example, if two cars are damaged the total insurance amount will be divided as per damages on each car. If four persons are involved in an accident then the amount will be split into four as per injury or equally as per convenience.

All these reasons make CSL or combined single limit insurance policy one of the most sorted auto or vehicle insurance policy.

Why to opt for CSL in auto insurance?

CSL is like one single roof that covers all your damages in go. You do not require to opt for different insurance policies for different kind of circumstances.

You can be carefree under one policy. This makes the single limit policy of high premium. Though in a policy it matters what is your insurance coverage but still having that single roof covering all damages during un-fateful circumstances helps you a lot.

CSL is also helpful for you when a third party has levied penalty on you for an accident. At such times you can claim your insurance money and pay for the penalty.

Every policy has its pros and cons. Let us look out for some as mentioned below:


  • High liability:

Liability is high as you are ensured of multiple issues to be covered under one single auto insurance policy. It is a policy that pays maximum money for all aspects of damage.

  • Single Policy is sufficient:

You do not need to apply for different policies for different instances of an accident or damage. It is like every aspect under one roof. 


  • Claim money may vary:

The insurance policy before serving checks your past records under that policy. You may get more money in the first claim than second.  The claim money significantly decreases in the multiple claims unless you renew the policy.


  • What is the difference between split and CSL limits?

CSL means a single rupee or dollar for all kinds of damage instances be it vehicular damage or bodily damage. Whereas, in split limit there are three separate categories for different instances like per person limit,

per occurrence limit and split limits (combining per person and per occurrence). This results in different amount claim for different incidents. You may not simply claim money. Every aspect will be seen and claim money decided accordingly.

  • What do you mean by 100k CSL?

The number mentioned before the CSL is the total claim money under the CSL insurance policy. Company pays about 100k limit per person, maximum 300k per accident and up to 100k for any kind of property damage.

  • What is more expensive CSL or split limit?

As CSL or single limit is like one roof for all aspects of damage in an accident, it becomes costlier as compared to split limit. CSL is high premium in services and so it comes at a higher cost range.

  • How much do I get for bodily injury?

In an accident if one person is injured you may get around $15000 (depends on the amount of your CSL policy). This amount gets doubled for death of a person. It also gets doubled if two or more people are injured.

  • How is settlement paid?

Compensation or settlement money can be paid in one single slot or as a series of payments periodically. The structure of payment can be designed as per need. Once finalised cannot be changed.

  • How do I decide my car insurance type?

Insurance Information Bureau website designed by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), here you can enter your car registration number to check details for your vehicle insurance cover.

  • What are the types of insurance cover I need to consider?

There are about 6 types of insurance cover to be considered. They are comprehensive coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, medical payments coverage, personal injury coverage and auto liability coverage.

Conclusion: CSL in auto insurance

With varied kinds of insurance policies available and many loopholes difficult to understand, CSL proves to be a boon to eliminate your worries.

You do not need to keep on applying and waste your time filling multiple forms for different aspects.

Even at the time of claiming insurance money CSL makes your work very easy and swift as it is one claim for many aspects.

Hope you never meet with any such bad experience though and you never need to approach for any vehicular or bodily damage for any incident.

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