How to make Video Sharing Website like Youtube in August 2022 USA

In 2022, Making a video sharing website like youtube is easier than ever. With so many different platforms and software to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. This website will allow users to share videos with each other in a more personal way than ever before. In this article, we will discuss how to make a video sharing website like Youtube using TubePayz in August 2022.

Tubepayz is a powerful yet easy to use video streaming and monetization platform that you can use to create your very own video sharing website.

What is TubePayz? (Make video sharing website like youtube with TubePayz)

video sharing website like youtube
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In recent times, video sharing has become one of the most popular online activities. It is no wonder then that many people are looking to create their own video sharing websites. Tubepayz is a platform that allows you to create a video sharing website without having to write any code. It is a web video sharing site that allows users to upload, view, and share videos. Tubepayz is different from other video sharing sites because it offers a pay-per-view option for users who want to charge people to watch their videos. It also offers a revenue sharing program that pays users a commission on the ads that are displayed with their videos. The platform is currently in beta testing and the company is inviting users to create their own video sharing websites for free. The first 100 users who sign up will get a $10 credit that they can use to test Tubepayz out.

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Features of TubePayz

Main Features :

  • Instantly Activate Your Own YouTube-Like Streaming Web Service That Pays Non-Stop.
  • Launch Unlimited YouTube-Like Channels In Different Niches (Such As Health, Fashion, Business, Movies, And Much More) 
  • Over 3.9M+ Done-For-You Videos Ready To Be Imported In 1-Click…
  • Get Paid For Every Single View & Monetize Your Channels With 5 Different Methods…
  • Place Your Affiliate Links & Generate FREE Sales On The Go…
  • Newbie Friendly – Even a 11 Year Old Can Do It…

TubePay Comes Loaded With Mind Blowing Features…

  • It can Go live With Unlimited Attendees (with ability for members/visitor to join) – No More Paying Monthly For Zoom, GotoWebinar, etc.
  • It can Import millions of youtube short vidoes & reels to your channel in just 1 easy click.
  • TubePayz lets you live chat to your subscribers on live video stream or in real time messages…
  • Send unlimited emails with it’s built in Autoresponder. **Ensures you are always engaged with your audience**.
  • TubePayz lets you embed the videos on websites & cancel your expensive video hosting services such as Vimeos, Wistia, etc.
  • Lock your channel’s content from playing & charge viewers any amount for unlocking it…
  • Easily integrate your Paypal, Stripe, Cards or Bank account to receive non-stop payments from viewers…
  • Upload your video content to your channel with easy to use drag and drop feature.
  • Manage/Edit Videos, View detailed charts and analytics of videos, views, likes, dislikes, comments, etc.
  • Compress your videos In Different Resolution as per your choice.
  • Export Or Download High Quality Video (780p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, 8k Resolution).
  • Easily monetize the vidoes on your channel and get paid per view.

NO Audience Required, NO Domain & Hosting Needed, NO Tech Skills Needed, NO B.S

  • Start Your Very Own “YOUTUBE” Like Video Sharing Service
  • 3-Click Secret App Legally Clones “Youtube” & Hosts On Any Domain Or Websites In 60 Seconds FLAT!
  • NO Audience Required, NO Domain & Hosting Needed, NO Tech Skills Needed, NO B.S
  • Click Play – See TubePayz In Action…
  • 3 Easy click launches your very own youtube-like website
  • Start your own youtube immediately in 250+ different niches
  • Live stream with your subscribers.
  • Profit from this $160 billion market.
  • Instantly Load the website with 3.9 million YT shorts & videos
  • No audience required (Tap into our 543 million viewers)
  • More than 1200+ Youtube-like websites/channels has been created
  • In total, 54 Beta testers have generated a profit of $206,453.56
  • 100% Fast & Reliable Web Hosting For Your Website
  • Grow Your Audience & Charge Them On Monthly or Yearly Basis..
  • Newbie Friendly- No technical skill or knowledge required.
  • No hidden Fee or any extra expenses
  • Iron-clad 365-day money-back guarantee

Finally, The Opportunity To Completely Replicate Youtube & Start A Life-Changing Venture Is Now At Your Doorstep.

  • Easily build a YouTube-like website or channel in over 250 different niches

3-easy clicks launches your very own automated website in 250+ different niches like Weight loss, Fashion, Finance, music, entertainment, comedy, education, films & animation, And so much more…

Just choose your niche & create the automated website in a blink of an eye.

  • 1-Click, Auto-Import your website with 3.9M+ YT Shorts & Videos

TubePayz automatically adds over 3.9M videos regardless of the niche you choose.

  • Live Video Streaming Feature

​Go live with unlimited attendees and allow members and visitors to participate No More Paying Monthly For

Zoom, GotoWebinar, etc.

  • Add Millions Of YouTube Short Videos​

Skyrocket your website engagement by importing millions of YT shorts & reels to your website in just 1-easy click. 

You can even add videos from…Youtube,Vimeo,Wistia.

  • Sell YT-like Websites To Your Clients

With the TubePayz commercial license, you can create YT-like websites & sell them to your clients at any cost.

You see, today, with the advancement and growth of technology, the majority of people spend their time on phones and computers…

And you know what that means? They’re spending their time on:

Social Media…




Out of which the one thing that’s exploding right now is Youtube…

BILLIONS of people around the world are consuming video contents such as online movies, music videos, entertainment videos and so much more…​

And Youtube is second most search popular website in the world after google.

Which is getting billions of traffic & views from around the world…

Now that’s a crap ton of traffic! Isn’t? 

​And The Best Part Is?

We’ve cracked the code of tapping into monstrous $160 billion dollar industry…

By launching our very own youtube-style website loaded with millions of video contents on it?

And we have built-in 543 million giant traffic which only pours more money into OUR pocket…

Because it’s never been this easy to get FREE buyer traffic on demand…

Would that?

Fuel your extra income?

Drive more commissions?

Buy you a brand new car?

Eliminate all your financial problems?​

Last But Not Least, Take Advantage Of This Massive Opportunity With Built-In 543 Million Giant Traffic

Look, what we have achieved is mind blowing…

It lets you start your very own youtube style website…

And taps into a giant 543 million traffic

Now, imagine, what-if you could combine the power of…

Youtube-style website + 543 million traffic with Affiliate Marketing?

​You would be able to quickly drive at least 10s or even 100s thousands of targeted traffic on your offers or services.​

Finally, create your own YouTube-style website or channel and promote offers from… 

WarriorPlus, ClickBank, JVZoo OR… 

Any other platform to generate easy sales & commissions on complete autopilot.​

Afterall, all you have to do is embed your affiliate link to your website or channel.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, Tubepayz is an excellent platform for creating video sharing websites like YouTube. It’s easy to use and has a wide range of features that allow you to customize your site exactly the way you want. So if you’re looking to create a video sharing website, Tubepayz is definitely the platform for you.

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