Best Air Coolers Price 5000 to 10000 India March 2023

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As the sweltering heat of the summer months approach, air coolers become a necessary and welcome relief from the oppressive temperatures. With so many different models available, it can be difficult to choose an air cooler that fits your budget and meets your needs. This article will provide an overview of the best air coolers on offer in India priced between Rs 5000 and Rs 10000 in March 2023. We have carefully considered all aspects of cooling performance, energy efficiency, design features, ease of use and other considerations to ensure that you get maximum value for your money.

Here are 5 best air cooler between price 5000 to 10000. At the end of the post, Check out the buying guide to know the necessary factors to consider before making a purchase decision.

Let’s Jump Right IN…

1)Symphony Diet Air Cooler For Home

Symphony Diet is a popular brand of air cooler that has been on the market for the last several years. It features a 50 liters tank capacity and four-way cooling system, making it an ideal choice for customers looking to cool larger rooms or areas. Its castor wheel design makes it easy to move around, while its three-speed fan ensures consistent cooling throughout the space. Moreover, its honeycomb pads are designed to provide maximum cooling while being energy efficient.

The Symphony Diet also comes with various user friendly features such as a water level indicator and remote control, allowing users to conveniently adjust temperature settings from their couch or bed. Additionally, this air cooler is equipped with anti-bacterial dust filters that help keep allergens out of the room and ensure clean air quality at all times. Moreover, the Symphony Diet comprises of a three-speed fan that offers consistent cooling throughout the space. In addition to all these amazing features, this air cooler comes with a one-year warranty.


1. Low energy consumption, making it cost-efficient. 

2. Compact design takes up minimal space. 

3. Can be used with limited ventilation, such as in closed rooms. 

4. High cooling capacity and air throw capability for efficient cooling of large spaces. 


1. Limited portability due to its bulky size and weight. 

2. Not suitable for outdoor use as it lacks protection from humidity and rain/dust particles. 

3. Requires regular maintenance for efficient functioning, such as cleaning and changing the cooler pads periodically. 


2) Bajaj PX 97 Torque Personal Air Cooler

The Bajaj PX 97 Torque Personal Air Cooler is a great choice for anyone looking for an air cooler in the 5000 to 10000 price range. It has an elegant design and comes with three-speed settings that make it easy to customize the airflow. The water tank capacity of 35 liters ensures long cooling hours, making it perfect for small rooms and offices. Its four castor wheels allow you to move the cooler from one room to another quickly and easily.

This air cooler also features a honeycomb cooling pad which helps reduce evaporation losses, providing better cooling efficiency. An ice chamber is provided for extra cool air during hot summer days. Other features include water level indicator, mosquito net and empty tank alarm that ensure proper maintenance of the cooler throughout its lifespan.


1. Good looking, lightweight & portable

2. Effective cooling for room size of 10x15ft.

3. Good capacity water tank. Single fill lasts for full 12 hours continuous usage.

4. Full plastic body means no issue like in all metal desert coolers, which rust after a while and start leaking at times.


1. Water inlet is small if you intend to fill it mug by mug. Rest you can use pipe for one shot filling or remove panel to fill it directly by small bucket.

2. If cooler on one corner, provide air escape route on other corner.

3. No Remote Control or Timer Settings but not a bad deal for the price and performance. You don’t find many coolers in this range with good water capacity.


3) Casa Copenhagen 75 L Personal Air Cooler

Casa Copenhagen’s 3.12 Collection 75 L Personal Air Cooler with Anti Bacterial Honeycomb Pads is one of the best air coolers you can buy at a budget price of just Rs.5000-10000 in India. This air cooler has been designed to provide maximum cooling with minimum energy consumption, making it highly efficient and economical for daily use. The body of this cooler is made from high-grade ABS plastic, making it sturdy and durable for long-term use. Its three side honeycomb pads are treated with anti-bacterial agents to prevent bacteria and germs from getting inside the unit.

This air cooler features a powerful motor that runs on 110V AC power, providing high airflow rates that are capable of cooling an area up to 35 sq ft in size. Moreover, this device comes with an adjustable tilt control for easy and convenient operation. The user can set it to run continuously or use a timer that turns it on and off automatically. The cooler wheel is made of such a high quality material. By fixing it you can move Ur cooler wherever u want.


1. Compact and portable – Casa Copenhagen 75 L Personal Air Cooler is light and easy to move around.

2. It runs very quietly, making it ideal for bedrooms or living room settings.

3. Low energy consumption – This air cooler uses little energy for its operation, allowing for economical cooling.

4. Humidification feature – The air cooler has a built-in humidification system that helps keep the air moist.


1. Its coverage area is limited to 9 square meters, so it might not be suitable for large rooms or open spaces.

2. Unsuitable for extreme temperatures. It is not designed to cool down extremely hot or cold areas effectively.



4) Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler

The Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler 75L is one of the best air coolers available in India under the price range of Rs. 3,000 to 5,000. This cooler comes with a powerful Everlast pump that provides maximum water circulation efficiently and quickly. Its Auto Fill feature enables hands free refilling and its 4-Way Air Deflection ensures uniform cooling throughout your room or area for maximum comfort. The special High mode also allows you to enjoy high speed cooling even in hot summer days.

This air cooler is also equipped with a large capacity water tank of 75 litres which enables long hours of uninterrupted operation without being refilled frequently unlike low capacity tanks on other models available in this price range. Additionally, it has castor wheels at the bottom which make moving this heavy duty air cooler quite easy and convenient when necessary. The castor wheels have a easy flip-lock, so that the beast doesn’t move on its own while operating. For best performance, I found that having it placed near open windows with a foot of space clearance around the equipment (if you are placing by a wall). The Air throw and air delivery of this is very good for a large room or even the hall.


1. During the hot and humid season, this equipment was able to reduce the temperature in the flow direction to 5°C lesser than the actual temperature of 35°C; (You can verify this with infrared thermometer).

2. The filled water lasts up to 2.5 days with normal usage as you use ceiling fan.

3. Dismantling the honeycomb pads for cleaning is easy with just hand-tight-able screws at the back.

4. The power consumption is almost the same as running a ceiling fan.


1. Cable Length is little Short. No Problem! You can Buy an Extension Box.

2. Sound is loud comparatively.

3. If the ice tray were to drip over the honeycomb pads that would make it more worthwhile.


5) Blue Star Aura (DA60PMC) Desert Cooler

The Blue Star Aura (DA60PMC) Desert Cooler 60 Liters is an ideal option for those looking for a powerful cooler that can handle large spaces. It comes with three-dimensional cooling technology, ensuring even and efficient air circulation throughout the room. In addition, the cooler features an impressive 60-liter water tank capacity, which makes it suitable for larger rooms or extended use in smaller ones. The ergonomic design also includes a powerful fan motor providing optimum air delivery of up to 1300 m3/hr.

The desert cooler has many additional features to ensure complete convenience. It has ice chambers to quickly cool down the room temperature and honeycomb pads that provide excellent cooling performance with minimal noise levels. Furthermore, it is equipped with castor wheels to make it easy to move around when needed and a removable water tank for easy cleaning or refilling as required. This product comes with a one year warranty on the main unit and a three year warranty on the electrical components.


1. The Blue Star Aura DA60PMC Desert Cooler has an impressive air delivery rate of 5,300 m3/hr making it ideal for large rooms.

2. It has a powerful motor that consumes only 170 watts which results in energy efficiency.

3. It comes with ice chamber which helps cool the air faster than regular coolers.

4. It is equipped with a fan-only mode that helps to circulate air and reduce humidity during rainy days.

5. The cooler is compact and lightweight making it easy to move around from one place to another.


1. Its water tank capacity is only 60 litres, which needs frequent refilling for efficient cooling performance.

2. It does not have an inbuilt purifier or humidifier, so external devices need to be installed for these functions 

3. Remote controll is the missing thing in this cooler. Otherwise it is one of the best coolers. You will not regret this purchase.


Buying Guide for Air Coolers

Air coolers have become an important summer appliance in many Indian households. With the latest models of air coolers available, buyers are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting one that suits their needs and budget. To help you make the right decision, here is a buying guide for air coolers priced between 5000-10000 INR.

When shopping for an air cooler, size is an important factor to consider. Depending on your room size and cooling requirements, choose a model with adequate cooling capacity as well as tank capacity. The next aspect to look at is the type of cooler – whether you need a desert or personal cooler. Desert coolers are more powerful and can be used for large rooms whereas personal ones are suitable for smaller spaces that require light cooling. These coolers are operated by electricity and hence it is important to check the voltage required.

The next thing to look at is the size of the air coolers. Its size is determined by the size of its water tank as well as the number of motors it has. The larger the water tank and motor, the larger will be its size. The size of the water tank is also an important factor to consider. The larger the water tank, the longer will be its running time. In addition, you need to check for the type of air filter that it uses. Make sure that it is of high quality and that it is easy to clean. Check the warranty period as well. The warranty should be long enough to cover any defects in the machine. Finally, check how easy the machine is to assemble. This will determine the ease of use, and more importantly, the level of your experience in assembling the product.


In conclusion, Air Coolers in the price range of 5000 to 10000 INR are the perfect choice for anyone looking to beat the summer heat in India. With an extensive range available from renowned brands, You can easily select a model that best suits your needs. The best air coolers for a price range of 5000 to 10000 INR in India for March 2023 are mentioned above. Each air cooler offers its own unique set of features and all of them are designed to keep you comfortable and cool during hot summer days. Whether it’s portability, ease of use or energy efficiency, one is sure to find an air cooler that meets all criteria.

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