Best Air Coolers Price 3000 to 5000 India March 2023

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As the summer heat intensifies, it is essential to find a way to stay cool. Air coolers offer an affordable and effective solution for those looking to beat the heat without breaking the bank. With so many options in the market, it can be hard to choose one that fits your budget and needs. This article will provide an overview of the top air coolers available in the market today, taking into account various factors such as price, features, and customer reviews. We have considered a variety of brands to ensure that our recommendations meet all of your requirements.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on the best air coolers priced between 3000- 5000 Rupees available in India in March 2023. At the end of the post, Check out the buying guide to know the necessary factors to consider before making a purchase decision.

Let’s Jump Right IN…

1) Bajaj PCF 25 DLX 24L Personal Air Cooler

The Bajaj PCF 25 DLX 24L Personal Air Cooler is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a powerful yet affordable air cooler. This personal-sized air cooler offers an impressive 24L water tank capacity and comes with honeycomb cooling pads to ensure efficient cooling. It also features turbo fan technology that helps circulate cool air quickly, providing powerful air throw up to 55 feet away. The castor wheels make it easy to move the unit around and its low power consumption of 160 watts makes it energy efficient as well.

In addition, this cooler contains mosquito net and dust filter which works together to protect from health hazards. It has 3-way speed control settings along with ice chamber that helps add extra cooling effect in hot summer days by storing ice cubes or pieces of ice in the chamber tray at the back side of the machine.


1. Very Low power consumption.

2. Light weight plastic.

3. Coaster wheels.

4. 24L capacity.

5. Honeycomb cooling pads.


1. Noisy(mainly coz of plastic fan leaf).

2. Made of cheap plastic.

3. Tiny water inlet hole.

4. No Remote Control.


2) Crompton Ginie Neo Personal Air Cooler

The Crompton Ginie Neo Personal Air Cooler is an excellent choice for those looking for a cooler that fits within their budget. This 10-liter air cooler features a powerful motor, providing cooling even in the hottest summer days. It is equipped with three-speed settings, allowing you to adjust the air flow according to your needs and preferences. The white and light blue color scheme gives it a modern look that blends in well with any room decor. Its compact size makes it easy to fit into smaller spaces or corners of your home.

The Crompton Ginie Neo also includes ice chambers which can be filled with ice cubes or cold water to increase the cooling effect during extreme temperatures. This personal air cooler also has an ozone-friendly refrigerant and an eco mode feature, helping you save energy without compromising on performance.


1. Compact and lightweight design, making it easy to move from room to room.

2. Large water tank capacity of up to 15 liters, allowing for long hours of cooling.

3. Low power consumption, allowing for energy-efficiency.

4. Four-way air deflection feature for better and even cooling throughout the room.

5. An optional mosquito net is available for added protection against bugs and insects.


1. Noisy operation due to its powerful motor and fan blades.

2. Limited air circulation range of only 400 square feet.

3. No timer function, requiring manual switching on/off when not in use or when needed respectively. 

4 .No remote control option available.


3) Bajaj PX 97 TORQUE (HC) 36L Personal Air Cooler

The Bajaj PX 97 TORQUE (HC) 36L Personal Air Cooler is a powerful and feature-rich air cooler. With its honeycomb pads, turbo fan technology, and large capacity, it offers efficient cooling and convenience for your home or office. The honeycomb pads provide high cooling efficiency with their cool touch surface that absorbs more heat than regular cooling pads. The turbo fan technology helps to circulate the cooled air throughout the room for maximum comfort. Additionally, this air cooler has a good airflow rate of 1135 CMH that ensures constant fresh air in your space.

The Bajaj PX 97 TORQUE (HC) 36L Personal Air Cooler is also highly durable due to its strong plastic body and sturdy wheels which make it easy to move around when needed. You can also adjust the angle of the air cooler to suit your personal comfort. This air cooler has a power consumption of 900W and requires 230V/50Hz supply.


1. Good looking, lightweight & portable.

2. Effective cooling for room size of 10x15ft.

3. Sufficiently long cable, approx. 1.5 metre. For more you require extension cord.

4. Good capacity water tank. Single fill lasts for full 12 hours continuous usage.


1. Water inlet is small if you intend to fill it mug by mug. Rest you can use pipe for one shot filling or remove panel to fill it directly by small bucket.

2. Its size is quite large and bulky which can take up more.


4) Symphony Touch 20 Personal Air Cooler

The Symphony Touch 20 Personal Air Cooler for Home is an ideal choice for those looking to maintain a comfortable temperature in their living space. This air cooler features honeycomb pads, a powerful blower, and i-Pure technology that helps reduce dust particles from the air. Its four-way air deflection system ensures efficient cooling of your room and its 19 liter tank capacity offers good water retention for extended cooling time. The device also has an easy-to-fill water tank with a tap connection and its 25 feet air throw range reaches far corners of the room. Additionally, the Symphony Touch 20 has an adjustable fan speed and a timer for added flexibility.

The Symphony Touch 20’s digital LED panel allows you to adjust fan speed with ease and it also includes remote control operation so you can control the settings without getting up from your seat. In addition, this product comes with caster wheels so you can move it easily between different rooms as needed. This innovative cooler is designed to provide maximum comfort with its powerful air-cooling capacity. Its user-friendly touch display and cutting-edge technology make it one of the most advanced personal cooling devices on the market today. With no installation required and easy portability, this cooler is perfect for any room or environment in need of fast and efficient cooling.


1. Comes with a large 20 litre water tank which provides up to 10 hours of cooling. 

2. Has efficient and powerful honeycomb cooling pads for improved cooling performance. 

3. Has three speed setting and easily adjustable louvers for customized airflow control. 

4. Compact and portable design makes it easy to move from room to room. 

5. Built-in LED night light helps provide extra illumination in dark areas. 


1. Requires frequent refilling of the water tank as it cools down quickly due to its small size and capacity. 

2. Little bit noisy at times on higher settings due to the fan motor inside the unit. 

3. Only Suitable for Smaller Rooms.


5) Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler 

The Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler is a great choice for those looking to cool down in the summer months. With its sleek design, it fits well into any room while providing powerful cooling action. It features a large 31-liter capacity water tank and is capable of producing air at up to 1300 m3/hr of airflow. Additionally, the cooler has an adjustable louvers that allow users to direct air flow in whatever direction desired.

The Tuono also comes with a built-in ice chamber which enables it to produce cold air without having to add additional ice cubes or frozen bottles of water. This feature makes it much more efficient than traditional coolers, saving time and energy for consumers who don’t want the hassle of adding ice manually every time they need to cool down. The Tuono is compatible with both 120 and 240 VAC electrical current and includes a detachable power cord for easy portability. It comes in a sleek black finish and weighs just over 20 pounds.


1. Has castor wheels for easy mobility. 

2. Built-in water level indicator to monitor water levels.

3. 7 hours of timer settings for convenience. 

4. Honeycomb cooling pads ensure highest cooling performance with low power consumption. 

5. Two-way air deflection ensures uniform air distribution in the room.  


1. Can be noisy when running at full speed. 

2. Limited tank capacity requiring frequent refilling of water tank. 

3. Not suitable for larger rooms or outdoors due to limited cooling capabilities and area coverage range of 7 square meters maximum. 


Buying Guide:

Air coolers have become an important summer appliance in many Indian households. With the latest models of air coolers available, buyers are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting one that suits their needs and budget. To help you make the right decision, here is a buying guide for air coolers priced between 5000-10000 INR.

When shopping for an air cooler, size is an important factor to consider. Depending on your room size and cooling requirements, choose a model with adequate cooling capacity as well as tank capacity.

The next aspect to look at is the type of cooler – whether you need a desert or personal cooler. Desert coolers are more powerful and can be used for large rooms whereas personal ones are suitable for smaller spaces that require light cooling. These coolers are operated by electricity and hence it is important to check the voltage required.

The next thing to look at is the size of the air coolers. Its size is determined by the size of its water tank as well as the number of motors it has. The larger the water tank and motor, the larger will be its size. The size of the water tank is also an important factor to consider. The larger the water tank, the longer will be its running time. In addition, you need to check for the type of air filter that it uses. Make sure that it is of high quality and that it is easy to clean. Check the warranty period as well. The warranty should be long enough to cover any defects in the machine. Finally, check how easy the machine is to assemble. This will determine the ease of use, and more importantly, the level of your experience in assembling the product.


In conclusion, the best air coolers in the price range of 3000 to 5000 INR are quite a good deal. These coolers are perfect for medium-sized rooms, offices, and shops with decently sized windows. With the right maintenance and usage, these air coolers can last for years without any major repair or replacement. All the air coolers mentioned here are energy efficient and offer excellent cooling performance at an affordable price.

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